Puerto Vallarta Theater Shows Tony Tripoli The Palm Cabaret

tony tripoli

Puerto Vallarta Theater Shows Tony Tripoli The Palm Cabaret. GAYPV spoke recently to Tony Tripoli, Head writer of  Joan River’s Fashion Police and co-star of Joan and Melissa; Joan Knows Best, who was recently at The Palm in Puerto Vallarta.

Where are you from?
I’m from Los Angeles, originally from Phoenix, Arizona.

What is your background in entertainment?
I’ve been doing standup for about 8 years, all over the world. I am the head writer of Fashion Police with Joan Rivers, as well as a cast member of her show Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best. You’ve also seen me on a bunch of those clip shows on E and TV Guide Channel, but, probably in a nail salon with the sound off.

Any celebrity connections?
I was on Season One of Kathy Griffin: My Life On The DList,  I recently saw Margret Cho, who I knew years ago and never see anymore. It was great because I just love her. I email occasionally with Morgan Fairchild, whom I did a TV show with years ago, and just absolutely adore. But, far and away, Joan Rivers is my dearest celebrity friend. I love her like a Grandmother. She changed my whole life the day we met, and I’ll be forever grateful. I still have the voicemail where she watched my standup DVD, and called me halfway through to ask me to open for her. I cried and cried! Most celebrities are horrible disappointments, but Joan is even more wonderful than you’d ever expect. I really love her.

Why Puerto Vallarta?
I have been coming to PV since the late 90s,  every few years. Since 2009, I’ve come 3-5 times a year. I love to come for 4/5 days, all by myself. I sleep in, go for a run on the cobblestone streets, head to blue chairs, go back to the hotel and clean up, have dinner at my favorite restaurant (El Mole De Jovita), then watch a movie and go to bed. It is HEAVEN!

What are your thoughts about Mexico and the gay life here compared to other places where you have performed and traveled?
The gay scene here is the greatest. All types, all ages, all colors, all sizes. If you can’t find a man here to fall in love with, you should just give up! I don’t go to the clubs much, but they are really fun here. I met the owner of Paco Ranch and told him “I love your place. I’ve had many great nights there. I think. I don’t exactly remember…”

And doing stand-up here at The Palm is fantastic. The audiences are great and up for anything, and the club is so perfect for it, because its exactly the right size. As a gay man, I hate going places where I feel like I’m going to be the only homo, and you would never feel that in PV!

There are so many gay owned and operated businesses here, you are supporting our community with every purchase; so splurge!



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